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About Us

Stomatološka ordinacija Stomatološka ordinacija Stomatološka ordinacija Stomatološka ordinacija

Our dental office, DentaN, thanks to many years of experience in working with patients of all age, along with modern equipment and great quality materials, can offer you excellent and completely painless dental service.

In a pleasant atmosphere, our experienced team of experts will put an effort to help you get over your fear of dentists. You can get all that with a fair ratio of the price and the quality.

Before each dental intervention, we will talk to you so that we can take into consideration all of your wishes when it comes to solving your dental problems. We will explain to you, in detail, which therapeutic possibilities are at your disposal, as well as the pricing, and then it is up to you to decide what our next steps will be.

We are always there for you if you need consultation with our experts. We will educate you and your family members about the importance of oral hygiene and the prevention of dental and gum diseases. That way, you won’t have to undergo dental procedures that often and your teeth will be healthy for a longer period of time. Healthy teeth are not only beautiful, but they are also very important for your overall health.

Our goal is to see your leave our practice happy, satisfied and with a smile on your face.


Dr Miloje Stefanović

Dental prosthodontics specialist

Born in 1965, Doctor Miloje Stefanovic graduated at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade in 1991. In 1996, he finished his specialist studies in prosthodontics. He opened his dental practice in 1993.

Prof. Dr Branko Mihailović

Oral surgery specialist

Born in 1960, he is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Kosovska Mitrovica, at the department of oral surgery. He is a regular associate in our office and a member of our professional team.

Snežana Đorđević

Dental technician

She is an owner of a dental lab called ’Dental Skylab’, a long-time associate of our office and a big enthusiast when it comes to providing our patients with a beautiful smile.

Ivana Vranić

Dental nurse


Dental office Dentan is located in Vracar, really close to the Church of Saint Sava. Our address is Mutapova 43. We use the most modern equipment, as well as top quality materials.


I am very satisfied with services that were provided to me at this office and I am pleasantly surprised with how professional and nice dr Stefanovic is.

Danica Urošević

In the office DentaN they always try to meet my needs when it comes to scheduling my dental exam and they always use hightest quality methods to solve my teeth problems, completely painless and without waiting in line, because they respect the time of their patients. I fully trust them and have no fear when I come to their practice, because the whole team, managed by Doctor Stefanovic, is completely trustworthy and calming. They are top-notch experts in all the areas of dentistry and oral diseases and they have been solving mine, as well as my parents’ and my children’s dental problems for decades. Doctor Stefanovic, an amazing master of his crafts, loves to say to me: “If everyone had teeth like you, I wouldn’t have to work at all”.

Zorana Gajić

I live in Switzerland where dental services are extremely expensive and take up a lot of your time. Around ten years ago, since I had serious health problems, I had to get all new teeth implanted in my jaws. Thanks to my cousins in Belgrade, I found out that I can get that in the dental office DentaN, at a good price and much faster than in Switzerland. In the summer of 2006, Doctor Stefanovic in only three weeks built in dental implants in both my top and bottom jaw. Ten years passed since then, and I have never had problems with my teeth and I am very satisfied with the quality of his service and of course, with the health of my teeth. I honestly recommend dr Stefanovic to my cousins and friends in Switzerland if they decide to visit a dentist while in Serbia.

Anneli Menger


The first checkup at our dental office is free of charge. We’d like to get to know you and see how we can help. Click the link below to schedule your free checkup and we’ll give our best to earn your trust.